FDA Cracks Down on Active Ingredient in Jack3d — What Now?

FDA Cracks Down on Active Ingredient in Jack3d — What Now?

Companies with products listing DMAA (or 1,3-dimethylamylamine) as an active ingredient in many popular pre-workout supplements, have been warned by the FDA after cases of heart attack, increased blood pressure and other complaints. DMAA is a form of caffeine commonly used in pre-workouts like Jack3d and Hemo Rage, among others. For a full list of which companies have been warned to stop marketing this product as a safe, active ingredient, just click the link above.

If Jack3d was a favorite of yours — and you haven’t had a heart attack yet — don’t worry, because we have alternatives. We warned months ago that DMAA was facing scrutiny (check it out here) and categorically noted that it is unsafe, and recommended against it. At that time, all major sports institutions, professional and collegiate, had already banned it, and now the FDA is against it, too. That doesn’t mean there are no safe pre-workouts, though!

This week, we’ll go back over our best alternatives to Jack3d, and you’ll find with these that the DMAA-induced “tweaking” is no more. For starters, we’ll offer up links to the best pre-workouts NUTRISHOP has to offer.

And, you may have noticed that N’SANE and VASOCOR were not on this list — because of the inclusion of DMAA, both these popular products will be reformulated. NUTRISHOP cares about safe, effective supplements first and foremost!

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