Which Dr. Oz Supplement Tips Are Legit, and Why

Many NUTRISHOP customers have been asking about Dr. Oz, who weekly makes recommendations for new supplements, weight-loss tips and anti-aging processes for his viewers. Of course, the important thing to remember is that not all the advice he’ll come up with is ground-breaking stuff, and some of it is even detrimental depending on who it’s directed at.

An example: Last week, Dr. Oz had Deepak Chopra on his show for some stress-reducing, “healthy” tips of his own. His breakfast was a single hard-boiled egg, sliced cucumber and sliced tomato. Obviously, NUTRISHOP wouldn’t recommend such a nutrition-deficient breakfast, even if it is incredibly lean. There’s not enough protein, and really, not enough calories to sustain the rest of your day if you plan on exercising or even just running your daily errands.

The same principle applies to his supplement recommendations: Take them with a grain of salt. We’ll show you today some of the best ones he’s made, and where you can get them at NUTRISHOP for the best results.


  • Why it’s good: Dr. Oz has long been a proponent of this for not just weight loss, but for overall health, and we completely agree. Its role as an anti-inflammatory is well-researched and it is proven to improve skin, hair and nail health on top of helping the body rid itself of harmful fatty acids.
  • Where NUTRISHOP has it: Some of our best fatty acid supplements are loaded with Omega-3, including LIPOCOR, NATURE’S EFAs and, of course, OMEGA-3.


  • Why it’s good: Another good one from the doctor, raspberry ketones signal the release of norepinephrine and adiponectin in the body, causing a endothermic effect in the cells. This actually raises the body temperature slightly, creating a fat furnace.
  • Where NUTRISHOP has it: Our top fat-burner, HYPERCOR, is a multi-stage system that hinges on its thermophoric properties. This is due in part to the raspberry ketones.


  • Why it’s good: Gamma linoleic acid has been touted by Dr. Oz as a great fat-loss supplement, and again, we agree with him. Why? GLA is a remarkable anti-inflammatory that helps reduce the size of fat cells themselves.
  • Where NUTRISHOP has it: Check out the formula LIPOCOR can boast — as a natural lipid replacement supplement, it hinges not only on Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids, but also GLA. It replaces the harmful fatty acids that build up as adipose tissue, shrinks the existing fat cells and provides healthy acids your body needs.


  • The way Dr. Oz’s show put it: Forskolin helps “explode” fat from the cells. We don’t know about that, but we do know that forskolin is a highly researched natural supplement. It has undergone peer-reviewed studies as recently as 2005; an article from an obesity research journal observed that forskolin played a role in significant fat loss and lean muscle gain.
  • Where NUTRISHOP has it: The multi-phase fat-burner PHENADREN’s first phase is about creating a better fat-burning environment within the body by slightly raising the temperature to help eliminate excess body fat stores. The same effect from forskolin is also found in HYPERCOR!

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