Boost Testosterone By Up to 42 Percent in 12 DAYS — 1-XD is at NUTRISHOP Chico

Boost Testosterone By Up to 42 Percent in 12 DAYS — 1-XD is at NUTRISHOP Chico

Are you looking to increase strength, muscle mass, athletic performance and libido — and FAST? The way to do it is to provide your body with the proper environment to produce enough growth. In men, this means a boost to testosterone.

“Low-T” is a common occurrence in men as they age, and it begins as young as 18, when the body is done with puberty and is fully formed. Simply put, there’s no need for your body to grow any more. Of course, if you want more muscle mass or strength, this doesn’t apply to you — you need to consume enough calories, take in enough protein and exercise properly to make sure you can keep growing. But sometimes that’s not enough for elite athletes.

For some guys who want rapid results, the answer is a boost to testosterone levels. Of course, it’s not legal to get synthetic testosterone injections if you’re an athlete — and NUTRISHOP wouldn’t condone this type of action, since it’s banned in just about every single professional and collegiate level of sports worldwide. But that doesn’t mean you can’t encourage your body to produce more of ITS OWN TESTOSTERONE. And that’s exactly what ForzaOne’s 1-XD is designed to do.

This is where science comes in. A naturally occurring compound known as Sodium D-Aspartic Acid (DAA, for short), the primary ingredient in 1-XD, has undergone some interesting studies in the last few years. The takeaway from those studies: DAA is amazing!

In 2009, a group of Italian physicians and researchers published a peer-reviewed study in“Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology” journal examining the effects of DAA, an amino acid present in humans naturally. What they found was incredible: In males, DAA provides up to a 42-percent increase in testosterone in just 12 days, compared to a placebo group, and that it also increased luteinizing hormone (LH), also found in the body and that is responsible for triggering testosterone production:

 Here we demonstrated that D-aspartic acid, which occurs as a physiological compound in the mammalian pituitary and testis, has a role in the regulation of the release and synthesis of LH and testosterone.

If you’ve looked into testosterone production before, you might already know that high levels of testosterone in the body can “aromatize” — simply put, this means it can be converted into estrogen, a hormone males should have only minimal interest in. We need some, but too much will give us the opposite effect of what we want.

The human body responds this way in order to create balance. In many cases, the body contains aromatase, an enzyme that is more likely to convert testosterone into estrogen. This could provide a problem if you’re trying to produce testosterone output. 1-XD compensates for this, though, with a special Estrogen Suppression blend. That way, you can get the testosterone you need without the estrogen you don’t want.

Bottom line: DAA snaps your brain back into testosterone-producing mode, helping you get bigger, stronger and more muscular. “Low-T” might be an issue for some — it might even be an issue for you. 1-XD could be the answer to that problem.

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