The Benefits of CLA for Fat Loss — Thermovex is at NUTRISHOP

The Benefits of CLA for Fat Loss — Thermovex is at NUTRISHOP

Like you, NUTRISHOP is always on the lookout for the best new ways to burn fat. And we think Evochem has produced yet another one.

THERMOVEX: One of the most advanced, well-rounded new fat-burning products available.


One of the most revolutionary fat-burning supplements designed to work by increasing metabolic rate and enhancing muscle growth, is CLA — conjugated linoleic acids – and it’s the primary fat-burning ingredient in Evochem’s THERMOVEX. CLA supplementation is building a strong reputation as a proven fat-loss supplement, with benefits including:

  • Increased metabolic rate: The quicker your “motor” runs, the faster and more efficiently it processes fatty acids and prevents them from being stored.
  • Enhanced muscle growth: A sneaky must for those looking to drop body fat. The more muscle your body has, the faster the metabolism burns.
  • Reduced insulin resistance: Constant insulin spikes makes your body’s sensitivity to this anabolic hormone drop dramatically, which can cue various health ailments including diabetes and obesity. By reducing your body’s resistance to it, it can function to process glucose through the muscles and not to fat cells.
  • Improved immune function: Some studies have shown CLA to not only strengthen the body’s ability to fend off viruses, but also there are indications from the Journal of Food Science that it could be anticarcinogenic.
  • Reduced “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides: Keeping these under control is critical to health body fat levels.

A 2001 Nutrition Research Review study showed improved lean mass-to-body fat ratio and a year earlier, the Journal of Nutrition performed a study that also showed CLA to reduce fat to the tune of six pounds of body fat.

Most of the research done on CLA has shown that approximately 3 grams a day is optimal to promote fat-loss results, and that’s precisely the dosage of this fantastic compound in Evochem’s THERMOVEX. If you’re looking for a formula to provide body fat loss and other benefits — which we’ll detail later in the week — don’t miss THERMOVEX. It might be the most advanced metabolic formula available.


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