A Closer Look: N.O.XP3′s Pump Blend

A Closer Look: N.O.XP3′s Pump Blend

We took a look earlier this week at ForzaOne’s new pre-workout product N.O.X-P3, a formula designed to enhance blood flow for a great pump and amazing workout. We detailed the five blends in N.O.X-P3, but one in particular deserves a much closer look. Why? Simply put: It’s awesome.

We’re talking about the Pump Blend in N.O.XP3, and it deserves your attention if you’re looking for an outstanding nitric oxide pre-workout product that actually works the way it’s supposed to.

The problem with most nitric oxide products available now is that they are almost entirely based on stimulants that have the opposite effect desired when an athlete takes a pre-workout supplement. You’re going for a more effective way to bring blood to the muscles; the expanded blood vessels are what’s responsible for the vascular look and the benefits that come with it. Conversely, too many other products build their formulas with stimulants that have the opposite effect — they constrict the blood vessels, which in turn forces the heart to work harder. This simulates a pump, but make no mistake, it’s not what you want — you shouldn’t be tweaking out on stimulants that jump-start your heart during your workout. Go with a more natural and effective way.

The Pump Blend in N.O.X-P3 accomplishes this with a key ingredient: Citrulline nitrate. Citrulline is an amino acid that does a few things, including helping support L-Arginine in the body and also serving as a precursor to nitric oxide production. Imagine there is a line of dominos that has to fall before the effect of nitric oxide can take place — the presence of Citrulline is one of the first dominos. The end result of taking a Citrulline Nitrate product is gains in strength, endurance and faster recovery. And recent studies have shown that citrulline helps to relax the blood vessels.

This is quite different from a lot of pre-workout products that are devoted to pure, fast-intake energy. Unfortunately, it’s not usually accomplished with an ingredient like Citrulline; instead, ungodly amounts of caffeine or other stimulants are the chief ingredients in other formulas. This is what makes N.O.X-P3 unique — its Pump Blend actually opens the gate for nutrient-rich blood to reach the muscles quickly and help you get the benefits of your supplements, rather than a twitchy, coffee-binge-like buzz.

The effectiveness doesn’t stop there. The Pump Blend also features AAKG, an amino acid salt that helps metabolize nitric oxides. Consider it another important domino in the production chain for vascularity. Remember, no nitric oxide supplement actually contains nitric oxide — it’s already in your body. What the ingredients in the Pump Blend of N.O.X-P3 do is simply to allow the nitric oxide to metabolize and let your body achieve huge gains.

N.O.X-P3 is brand-new at NUTRISHOP, but already it is getting rave reviews. Check it out today at either Chico location and see for yourself!

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