PHENADREN: A More Complete Look at NUTRISHOP’s Newest Fat Burner

PHENADREN: A More Complete Look at NUTRISHOP’s Newest Fat Burner

Earlier in the week we took a look at the first half of the 6-Phase Thermogenic formula behind NUTRISHOP’s newest fat-burning product, PHENADREN. Today we’ll examine the rest of the ingredients behind this effective formula.

A quick recap on the first three, in case you missed it:

  • Phase 1: A strong thermogenic effect with cayenne extract, forskolin and effective lipids to help eliminate excess body fat stores.
  • Phase 2: A formula focused on enhanced feelings of well-being, based on a natural PEA blend of mood-enhancers. Like HYPERCOR, PHENADREN is a “happy pill!”
  • Phase 3: Pain relief, with a focus on natural ingredients like green tea and white willow extracts.

Here are the other three phases and ingredients of PHENADREN that could make it a great fat-burning option for those on a budget but still wanting results.

  • Phase 4: Hoodia. A so-called “succulent” plant like a cactus, its most research-proven benefit is as an appetite suppressant. This is obviously useful to those trying to lose weight in that it will help curb cravings when you’re not hungry to create the necessary calorie deficit for burning fat. The American Botanical Council acknowledges hoodia as an appetite suppressant as well.
  • Phase 5: Dandelion root, juniper berry. Primarily, these natural ingredients are aimed to help rid the body of excess water that’s often trapped in fat tissue. Both parts of this formula have a diuretic effect to help flush liquid your body doesn’t need and that can contribute to the “bloated” look.
  • Phase 6: Calcium carbonate, niacin. Some studies have shown sufficient calcium in the body to block its ability to absorb fat, which is what we’re looking for in calcium carbonate (though it also has properties to help it bind water to toxins, which can then flush out). Niacin also blocks the absorption and breakdowns of fats, which means fewer fatty acids in the blood stream. This also can lead to reduced cholesterol.

So now that you’ve seen the 6-Phase Thermogenic technology first-hand, you can see there really are six different fronts that PHENADREN fights fat storage in your body. Be sure to check this new product out at either Chico NUTRISHOP store.

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